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19th-Dec-2007 05:08 pm
[Starfield] Addicted




Welcome to my resource section, here you will find a list of almost all my resources. I have a tendancy to download a few things from numerous creators, so I am only listing my favorites who supply me with the the bulk of my custom content. If you are looking for something specific, please do ask and I will try my best to remember where I got it from.

While I do buy all my sims2 games, I am anti paysites for various reasons. I find it pointless to charge for fan content when most creators are using free tools and tutorials to create what they are selling so of course I am going to link to the THE BOOTY. A great site that provides you with paysite content for free.

D E F A U L T . R E P L A C E M E N T S

M O D S & H A C K S


F A V O R I T E . S I T E S

  • 4 Ever Sim Fantasy - Fantastic Objects, including some great build mode pieces.

  • All About Style - Wonderful Selection of clothing for teens through elders, kids/toddlers not so much.

  • Around The Sims 2- Fantastic objects, definitely a must visit site.

  • Helaene - Wonderful genetic selection and more. Look her up at MTS or The Graveyard for her older objects as well.

  • HNote - Fantastic Male Clothing

  • Holy Simoly - My all time favorite sim site. Fantastic Objects, and Unique build sets.

  • Liana Sims 2 - Clothing

  • Mango Sims 2 Another must visit site for me, wonderful object sets.

  • Modish Kitten - Beautiful Clothing.

  • Raonjena Sims 2 - Must have hair can be found here, as well as some unique objects and more.

  • Rensim - Great genetics & Cosmetics can be found here.

  • Rose Sims 2 - Another must have stop for hair, plus some other things.

  • Sim Gedoehns 2 Objects as well as a lovely set of default mailboxes, trash cans & public phones.

  • Sim Guys - Male clothing and some other things for males.

  • Si(m) la lueppi - Great clothing site for all ages.
  • Sim-Placement - A great all around sim site.

  • Sims2Play - Mostly very good quality objects but you can find some other stuff here as well.

  • Tribecca Sims2 - A must have stop for walls & floors.

M T S 2 . C R E A T O R S

  • Ailias - A well rounded creator, mostly objects & build.

  • Animera - Clothing

  • Blake_boy - Fantastic Objects.

  • Bruno - Must have make up and clothing.

  • Ewelina20 - Walls & Paintings

  • Fanseelamb Untuckables, Clothing, Mods & More

  • Grito - Objects & Clothing

  • HystericalParoxysm A well rounded creator, must have untuckables, and more.

  • Kalynn06 - Clothing

  • Migamoo - Untuckables, Clothing & More.

  • Numenor - Objects, Mods, Build & More another fantastic creator.

  • Plum - Must have Untuckable T-Shirts

  • Purplepaws - Responsible for sim quirts which recently closed, all clothing for kids & toddlers can be found here plus some other things.

  • Spiffyriffic - Fantastic toddler clothing, and some other clothing as well.

  • teru_k - Skintones, Eyes & More

  • Tiggy027 - A must for windows if you like to build, plus some great objects as well.

T S R . C R E A T O R S

O T H E R . U S E F U L L . S I T E S

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6th-Mar-2008 07:37 pm (UTC)
wow!! that's really amazing!! By the way, the hair of your sim is fantastic! Did you do the recolor? I'ts beautiful!
8th-Mar-2008 05:04 am (UTC)
Nope the coloring was not done by me it is from DLMulsow and can be found in buffys bot bits. (if you were refering to jayla). If not let me know which one your looking for. =)
8th-Mar-2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
Jayla is the girl in your avatar, isn't she? So that's the hair. She looks fantastic! And by the way thank you so much for all the resources in your posts. Some sites I didn't know them. As you can see in my profile, I have a sim request community so all those resources sites are so helpful for me. Of course, I always give the proper credit, because I do this just to help others without any benefit for me, just the pleasure of help.
8th-Mar-2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
Yes, she is. I wasn't sure if you were going to mean her or her daughter. Both of them had unique hair people kept asking about.

I'm glad my resources gave you some new places to look too.
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